Independent Education Adviser









More than twenty years of teaching experience and nine as local authority consultant and Children's Services Adviser.


School governor [Chair of the Curriculum and Welfare Committee] at Pleckgate High School between 2003 and 2012.


Former Head of Science in a Lancashire High School, during which time I held a range of middle and senior management responsibilities.


CASE [Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education] trainer for Lancashire Local Authority [1990s].


Worked for QCA in the production of materials for developing pupils’ thinking skills and the QCA/DFEE scheme of work for science.


Work closely with schools in the development of formative assessment 

(assessment for learning).


Produced a significant number of KS2 and KS3 items used in national tests [through work with Liverpool University and NFER].


Member of the NAA KS3 Test Review Group for the final three years of its life.


Worked for the Secondary National Strategy in the co-production of a range of resources relating to science, assessment and use of data, and pupil voice.


Produced materials relating to pedagogy and assessment for GCSE sciences which are nationally recognised.


QCA Coordinator for the ‘Teacher Assessment Exemplification’ project.  Schools were invited to develop sequences of lessons [individual subject and interdisciplinary] reflecting the new programmes of study at key stage 3.  Evidence of performance was collected and used to exemplify performance across a broad range.  This involved working with a wide range of subjects including English, history, RE, technology, science, music and art in schools in Whitby, West Yorkshire and York.


One of two national QCDA Science Coordinators for the new KS3 curriculum ‘Exemplification of Standards Project’ which produced the most recent APP [Assessing Pupils’ Progress] standards files from schools in Blackpool, Lancashire and Cambridgeshire.


Have a keen interest in education research and how this can be translated into classroom practice.


Work with educationalists and scientists from a range of institutions including the University of York and Florida State University.


Founding member of the UYSEG 'York Science' team (Autumn 2011).


Associate Editor of the Secondary Science Review, an Association for Science Education journal.


Have organised a range of 'science challenges' and a successful science conference which involved scientists from local universities who inspired and informed around 100 young people about science and technology as well as careers in and from those subjects.  

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Association for Science Education [ASE]



National Advisers and Inspectors Group for Science [NAIGS]


Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment [AAIA]



Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors [CIEA]


It's in the family...

                       Joe - Primary teacher

Jane - Primary SENCo

Where in the world did I take these photographs?


How old are the wooden panels?



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I have been asked many times, "Why the buckyball logo?"


Firstly, I recall being shown an image of the C60 molecule many years ago when a teacher in Blackburn.  I was amazed that atoms could assemble in such a perfect structure.


Many years later, after watching a TV programme written and presented by Harry Kroto ('How did life begin?'), my son Joe, then 11, emailed him to say how much he had enjoyed it.  Harry was very kind in immediately responding with a model buckyball, copies of his papers, etc. and they struck up a friendship.


Some months later, I contacted Harry and our relationship developed.  


Harry has since videoconferenced with me in Blackburn and Blackpool, attended a Science Challenge in Blackpool and, provided the video introduction to a Blackpool Science Conference (see above.)